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This course provides advanced and immersive training in the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) and tools and systems for intelligence and evidence collection.  Designed for Tier 1 Operators, Field Agents, and Forward-Deployed Officers and Analysts.  The Program of Instruction (POI) assumes that the student has a high level of understanding networking, operating systems, command-line Linux and scripting, and some working knowledge of forensic tools and software defined radios.  All candidate students must complete a prerequisite assessment prior to acceptance into the course.

Course Topics

  • Advanced Wireless Exploitation
  • Rapid Data Acquisition
  • OSINT Tools and Methods
  • Social Engineering Methods
  • Digital CMOE and ISR Exploitation
  • Network and Cloud Vulnerabilities
  • Mobile Device Forensics
  • Secure Commercial Communications
  • Non-Attributable Internet Transactions
  • SDRs for SA and Multi-Mode Missions

“Everything in this class is relevant to my position. Every Single Thing. I cannot stress that enough”  – SF Operator

“This course was obviously put on by someone who understands where operations are heading and what’s needed in the future to conduct successful operations.”  – SF Operator

“I cannot say enough good things about this course…there has clearly been a deliberate attempt to create a physical and mental atmosphere that is solely focused on the student learning as much as possible .”    – Army SF Operator

“We have always trained like we fight. Rarely do we get the opportunity to train like our enemies. This course allowed us to think like our adversaries and exploit weaknesses in networks, software and equipment. This course should be a requirement for anyone who is responsible for network security. Excellent class!”   – US Navy Special Operations