Charlotte, NC
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Class size is limited to the first 30 qualified people

About the Course

Cyber Operator Greyhat provides the student with in-depth instruction on the methods, techniques, and tools to identify and negate cyber threats to personal and networked devices and to securely communicate and disseminate sensitive data and information across a team and to higher authorities using unsecured, commercial networks.  This course was designed for the agent, officer or SF operator conducting tactical operations from forward-deployed and OCONUS locations.

Topics Covered

Module 1:  Securing the Personal Device for Tactical Missions
  • Fundamentals of network and device security
  • Employing mobile and network devices of unknown origin and condition
  • Understanding vulnerabilities and attack vectors
  • Sanitizing infected and exploited devices
Module 2:  Establishing Secure Communications over Untrusted and Unsecured Networks
  • Establishing secure networks for small-team operations
  • Negating a threat
  • Software Defined Radios for threat detection and situational awareness
  • Wi-Fi attacks and countermeasures
Module 3:  Tactical Team Operations over Unsecured Networks
  • Conducting a Threat Vulnerability Assessment (TVA) for tactical teams
  • Device-level exploits and vulnerabilities
Module 4:  Identifying and Correcting Vulnerabilities of a Tactical Network
  • Network footprinting & fingerprinting
  • Network threats and vulnerabilities
  • Operating on unsecured and compromised networks
Module 5:  Detecting and Countering Cyber Attacks During Tactical Operations
  • Characterizing a threat or exploit
  • Developing the countermeasure
  • Employing a threat response


Who Should Attend

This course is designed for the person who is responsible for planing and implementing the plan for secure communications and networking for a tactical or forward-deployed team.  As an intermediate level course, it is expected that the student arrives with a fundamental understanding of networks, device-level security, operating systems including Linux, and some experience writing scripts and using the tools within Kali Linux.

What is Provided

AMS provides all computers, software, equipment, tools, and services for this course.  In addition, each student is provided lodging in a team house near the AMS training site.  Students are responsible for their local transportation and meals.

About the Instructors

The COG – 5i instructors include world-class penetration testers from SensePost UK Pty and SF Operators averaging more than 20 years of experience in cyber-enabled operations.


“Through application you can have the ability to become a subject matter expert to aid and assist leaders in limiting the threat in which we face from a cyber security perspective.”   – Federal Law Enforcement Officer

“This course showed me how to better use the cyber domain to help me accomplish my missions.” – US Special Agent

“I think that this course provides a baseline of self protection for people that really need it… This was an eye-opening experience for me.” – US Army Special Forces Operator