For Public Release February 17, 2019

ADVANCED MISSION SYSTEMS (AMS) announced today that the Company has created a new division that will be dedicated to supporting US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The Company will use more than 10 years of experience supporting the Special Operations mission and the decades of experience of its professional staff (100% former SOF) to offer a broad set of products and services to counter illegal drug and human trafficking.

“Our team averages more than 15 years of experience as Special Forces operators and we bring a unique set of advanced technical skills to solve problems.” according to Christian Suarez who recently retired from the US Army 7th Special Forces Group, Crisis Response Force, after serving 12 years – mostly in South and Central America. Suarez is the Director of Operations for AMS and further explains that most of the AMS Team have dealt with many similar problems as the Country is experiencing along its Southern Border. “The drug and human traffickers are more and more tech savvy. In some cases, the bad guys are employing commercial electronics and communication systems in a sophisticated and coordinated manner – much like the terrorists we have seen overseas. The individuals tasked with protecting US borders are often using out dated equipment and techniques leaving them constantly playing catch-up. It destroys an operators confidence in their command and wastes an incredible amount of time and resources.”

Matthew Sandberg, an expert in physical and technical surveillance, is the Director of Training at AMS and believes that the biggest gains will come from the training and instruction of ICE and CBP agents in the tactics, techniques, and procedures that have been successfully employed by SOF since 9-11. “With nearly 20 years of experience as an SF operator and hundreds of missions, I believe that my Team and I can help the ICE and CBP agents develop invaluable skills in a very short period of time” says Sandberg.

Jerry Snyder, AMS President, is concerned for the safety of ICE and CBP personnel and their families that might become targets of the gangs and cartels. “The internet provides a lot of information and I see a big need to help ICE and CBP officers reduce their digital signatures and internet footprints. The Company has trained more than 600 SOF members in various skills ranging from Physical and Technical surveillance to Cyber related force protection and situational awareness tasks. I consider force protection and signature reduction to be the most important of these skills.”

Beginning in March 2019, AMS will be offering systems, training, and technical support services that include:

  • Employment of unmanned vehicles and unattended sensors for persistent, wide-area surveillance.
  • Technical and physical surveillance in urban and remote areas.
  • Tagging, tracking, and locating of people, vehicles, and other assets.
  • Tactical cyber operations for identifying and exploiting illicit internet activity.

When Suarez was asked to define the one capability that would be of most value to ICE and CBP, his response was: “AMS can bring the experience of more than 40 highly-skilled SOF operators combined with advanced technologies from a network of partners, and the ability to employ those technologies in just about any environment, and we can do it today.”

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