ADVANCED MISSION SYSTEMS (AMS) was established in 2006 and is a small business in Charlotte, North Carolina, We specialize in the delivery of advanced technologies, training, and professional services in the areas of Technical Surveillance, Tactical Cyber Operations, and Special Operations Technical Support. We are a trusted agent for Special Operations Forces, Department of Homeland Security, and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies.  Our Team includes engineers with advanced degrees and operators with current experience in South America, Africa, Middle East, Afghanistan, Iraq, Eastern Europe, Central America, and Joint Task Forces within the continental U.S.  We take pride in being on the cutting edge of technologies used for TTL, CTR, SSE, ISR and Tactical Cyber Operations, and have trained nearly 500 operators, special agents, and  federal law enforcement officers in mission-critical skills.

Products and Services

With decades of experience and a willingness to listen to our customers, we dedicate Company resources to filling critical capabilities gaps with systems, equipment, and technologies developed through partnerships with industry leaders and independently modified/tested by our team of experienced operators and engineers.

Tactical Cyber

The AMS Team specializes in conducting advanced collections, SIGINT, physical and technical surveillance, special reconnaissance, and HUMINT in austere environments.

We applied our passion and experience in Tactical Cyber Operations to develop a set of Training Courses that are operationally relevant and directly applicable to addressing current capability gaps and TTPs used by our adversaries. We name our courses after individuals who made major contributions to this community and have dedicated their careers to the SOF and Intel missions. Our full-spectrum of training includes:

  • Multi-Source Collections and Analyses
  • Threat Vulnerability Assessments
  • Mobile Device Security and Exploitation
  • Operations over Unsecured Wired and Wireless Networks
  • Encrypted Commercial Communications
  • Persistent Cyber Surveillance
  • Cyber Situational Awareness
  • Counter-Cyber Surveillance
  • Digital Forensics
  • Social Engineering Methods and Social Media Exploitation
  • Cyber Training Operations
  • Open-Source Intelligence

Technical Surveillance

AMS has trained more than 250 Special Forces Operators in Physical and Technical Surveillance.  We offer five physical and technical surveillance courses to ensure beginner, intermediate and advanced operators are up-to-date with the latest surveillance tools and techniques. AMS instructors have an average of 20 years experience in surveillance, having conducted operations in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and South America. All surveillance courses focus on a unique curriculum of helping our customers learn and employ surveillance tactics, techniques, procedures, and, methods. The training is conducted for multiple areas of operation and against various threats, including terrorists, criminals, and fugitives. We provide custom training courses that include:

  • Tagging, Tracking and Locating
  • Sensitive Site Exploitation
  • Long-range, Digital and Aerial Photography
  • Covert and Tactical Audio/Video Collection
  • Special Reconnaissance