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AMS specializes in tagging, tacking and locating, special reconnaissance and technical surveillance, and information operation services. Click here to see the products and support we provide to our customers...

Full-Spectrum ISR

About Advanced Mission Systems

AMS inserts new technologies and provides advanced training and operational support to Special Operations Forces and Federal Law enforcement agencies.

▼ Physical and Technical Surveillance
▼ Advanced Special Operations
▼ Tagging, Tracking and Locating
▼ Precision Geo-Location
▼ Sensitive Site Exploitation
▼ Close Target Reconnaissance
▼ Tactical Audio / Video
▼ Surveillance Planning and Management
▼ Red Team and OpFor Services
▼ Operations in Austere Environments
▼ Technology Assessment and Insertion

Vulnerability Assessments

Advanced Mission Systems News

Our professionals bring extensive experience in special operations, intelligence and law enforcement to provide Vulnerability Assessments to both commercial and government clients.

▼ Critical Infrastructure
▼ Executive Protection
▼ Red-Team Training Support
▼ IT Infrastructure
▼ Site and Facility Security